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Simply - Real Picadeiro - Pera

Located in Pêra, the Real Picadeiro with its exclusive equestrian environment in the Algarve suggests you memorable moments where the Lusitano Horse is King.

What's Included
During the day, we invite you and your family to know the history of the Lusitano Horse, to discover their skills, race and intelligence, and of course, to interact closely with this unique animal always accompanied by one of our accredited monitors .

Fado nights with regional artists, birthday parties, riding lessons, equestrian experiences and Dressage contests, tastings at the Clube Lusitano Real Picadeiro Restaurant, open every day, from Tuesday to Sunday, lunch and dinner always with a theme are just some of the initiatives and suggestions that this unique Equestrian Center in the Algarve presents to the community throughout the year.

Contact details

Tel: +351 289 397 690
Fax: +351 289 399 506