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Costa Esuri Golf Club - Ayamonte, Huelva, Spain

The Golf course is located at the left bank of Guadiana River’s mouth, which serves as a border between Spain and Portugal. Being integrated in a Nature Reserve, its special idiosyncrasy gives a freeing and relaxing effect, different from the rest of the courses nearby.
Low Season: From: 01.04.18 Until 30.09.18
48.50 euros per person - shared buggy

High Season: Until 31.03.18
53.50 euros per person - shared buggy

What's Included
The course has a distance of 6584m, and is integrated in the slope into Guadiana’s marshlands, with views to the sea and to the town of Ayamonte. Compared to other courses, it’s more of a technical itinerary, because the first nine holes fairways are located in an area that resembles the hard beginnings of golf in Scotland, trying to mimic this country’s traditional fields.

Due to its location in a Nature Reserve, some of its fairways are protected areas – without any tall vegetation – and more exposed to natural elements, which causes some extra difficulty in the practice of this sport.

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Tel: +351 289 397 690
Fax: +351 289 399 506